Worldstar Fight

[HDdev] Worldstar Fight 2vs2 !

There have been months since you heard about Sachka and his sponsor HDdev, but he’s still there to offer you more exciting events than ever on Urban Terror. After a complete overhaul of the team and the creation of a new site, he is now ready to invite you to the first edition of the Worldstar Fight 2vs2 Cup.

So what do you expect to sign up for ? Come and sign up and talk about it ! (The Cup will run between Monday 1 May and Wednesday 31 May).

Please read THE RULES (under) carefully before registering for the competition ! Keep in mind that you are there to have fun and have a good time.

Please read the rules carefully before registering for the competition !

This event will be a simple elimination team survivor tournament, each match take 20 minutes and will consist of 1 map. You have the right to be only 4 players per team.

  • You must download the PACK of the competition (You will find in all the maps as well as the official config of the competition.):
  • For choosing the map, you must do a knife fight. The winner of the duel must start to eliminate a map after it’s the turn of the loser and so on until only one remains.
  • During the match you do not have the right to have sub and spectator.
  • For intercontinental matches:
    For SA vs EU, the match must be played on a NA server or you can play 10 minutes each on your servers.
    For NA vs EU, the match must be played 10 minutes on each server. (However, if everyone agrees you can play the game on the same server).
  • You must send your complete demo and a screenshot of the result of the match to the following address:
  • You must complete the result of your match yourself, an admin will validate it after verification.

*** WARNING ***

  • Any breach of the regulations will be subject to strict and impartial sanctions.
  • You must play with your auth and the same nickname as the one with which you entered the competition (If you do not have an auth, you must create one on the official Urban Terror site).
  • We reserve the right to refuse a player’s participation in the competition if we so wish. We do not take into account the ban of the different communities of the game, we will decide ourselves to accept or refuse a person banned.

For the first place of the tournament, there will be:

  • 1st: 80€
  • 2nd: 20€.

We would like to thank Sachka from HDdev, a team dedicated to sponsoring and organizing community events. The intention of this project and make it a long cup, mainly focused on 2vs2. Every 3 months, we organize a tournament with a prize pool of at least 100 €

For this edition we received a donation of 50€ from a oldschool player of Urban Terror of the old community of MQCD and also 50€ from Sachka of the HDdev team.

Thanks, Sachka.