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The Clan World Tour is meeting this time |FA|MarvinNash Admin of the team Fallin-Angels « |FA|« they welcomed us in their headquarter for an interview about them.

  Hello Fallin-Angels ! Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?

Fallin-Angels is a gaming community for the games UrT, Soldat and Armagetron. We are probably best known in UrT for our popular CTF server. Our servers have been part of the UrT landscape for over a decade. On our servers you’ll find people from around the world. Being friendly and having fun is more important than skills or good ping. To keep the game interesting, we play a lot of custom maps and support map makers. For this purpose we’re hosting a repository of maps on our website.

  When and how were the Fallin-Angels born and where did this wacky name come from ?

Fallin-Angels started out as a small idea in late 2005. In 2006 it commenced with one server; the original |FA| Decaying Zombie server. The site and clan were created by DragonHeart, Spidey and Damien, along with the further help of the many Site and Server Moderators. The name originated from Damien, who decided we hadn’t « fallen » just quite yet but were in the process of doing so!

  Do  you have  server ?

FA operates four servers in UrT:


|FA| BOOTS N KNIVES server (no weapons, just boots and knifes, very high knock-back setting – very fun! (TDM))

– |FA| FREEZETAG server (Freezetag gamemode)

|FA| JUMPINGBEANS server filled with jump maps! (intermediate difficulty)

  Can you briefly present your team ?

Fallin-Angels does not have a competitive team.

  Do you have plans for the future ? New server ?

Not at this stage. In order to keep the games fun there are new map rotations roughly every month.

  Is your community still active and is it looking for players ?

Always alive !

  Do you play other games ?

Soldat and Armagetron.

  Do you have a website ?

Our forums can be accessed at ! On this website you can chat with other people, send in demos of cheaters that you spotted on the server or vote for maps whenever we vote for a new map rotation.

  Do you have Teamspeak or Discord or other vocal server ?

Yes, the TS IP is «« . Additionally we can be found on IRC: #fallin-angels on Gamesurge

Thank you, |FA|MarvinNash for this information, we wish you good wind, see you soon !

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