Clash of HDdev – To the enemy !

Who are we ?

[HDdev] Crew is a francophone team, but no biggie, we’re open to every nationality. We’re currently based around matchs Fun GDC, 100% fairplay. Our goal is to practice on our favourite game in a cool and smooth atmosphere. That said we get angry every now and then in ferocious and merciless confrontations in GDC ! We wish to main a fairplay and cool spirit. For most of us, we’re not great players but we have ambition that comes down to several key words : play, have fun, fight in GDC…in a FUN atmosphere above all !

[HDdev] Crew SCHOOL – a first step in your CoC adventure ?

For recruitment, it is obligatory to come to our Discord, we need to get to know you, your behavior, your general spirit, etc. Our team is open to everyone, if you fit with us, that you want to improve with us in order to get potentially good later at Clash of Clans, feel free to try it out with us.

If you’re interested, feel free to let us know on our discord !


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