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The Clan World Tour is meeting this time the french Nzns|*Apocalypse leader of the team Nizarin’s « Nzns »they welcomed us in their headquarter for an interview about them.

  Hello Nizarin’s ! Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?

Hello, I’m Weiller (Nzns|*Apocalypse) one of leaders of the clan and we are the Nizarin’s, the last active clan on brazilian territory.

  When and how were the Nizarin’s born and where did this wacky name come from ?

The clan started the activies at 2010 when some friends that played in past times started the clan. Today this founders are not playing anymore (they have kids, family, studies, work)… The name Nizarin’s came from a real Shia Islam « Assassin’s Order » that was founded by Hassan Al Sabbah ( 1034 – 1124 D.C.) the warriors of this order was know as Nizarins (Assassins). (we’re not islamics by the way… I’m catholic but the name is more like « asasssins » than « islamic assassins ». And I’m not a spy cruzader.)

  Do  you have  server ?

Yep, we’ve 3 servers. But actualy just 1 is online by $$ reasons and a poor service on Brazil. But the oficials are: Nizarins CTF (/connect, Nizarins Jump and Confraria Multimod.

  Can you briefly present your team ?

We’ve 15 players from active players and a long list of afk, in the past we had about 40 players (2012). But sometimes the olders come back. Why we have loss many players at this years, we close our server sometimes to play, but is hard to bring everybody back :-/

List of members:

:small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Juliano#01 – auth: nizarinjuliano05 @Nzns|*Juliano :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Solomonkane#02 – auth: solomonkane @SolomonKane :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Apocalypse#03 – auth: apocalypsenzn @Nzns|*Apocalypse#03 :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|ilu$ion#04– auth: ilusion @ilusionnzn :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Evolution#05 – auth: jorgluiz @Evocone :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Tiefighter#06 – auth: turrini @Nzn’s|*TieFighter :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Jig#07 – Jig @Nzns|*Jig|Loul :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Root#08– admfrade @Nzns|*Root :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|B!t#09 – Biit @Nzns|*B!T :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Rapadura#10 – rapadura @Nzns|*Rapadura#10 :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Gizmoo#11 – mcynaves @Nzns|*Gizmoo :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|lipstick#12 – lipstick @Nzns|*lipstick#13 :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Marcela#13 – maa @Nzns|*Marcela :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Trombadinha#14@Nzns|*Trombadinha#14 :small_blue_diamond: Nzns|Jsf_Park#15@Nzns|*Jsf_Park#15

  Do you have plans for the future ? New server ?

Yes. We’re looking for a new VPS that not cost me a liver. Jump is the root of UrT and we have plans to bring it back too. The server « Confraria Multimod » will back too, with many mods, many funny maps, and the liberty for any clan leader ask for an admin.

  Is your community still active and is it looking for players ?

Yeah we’re with the door opened and reciving new players.

  Do you play other games ?

Actualy not. But I (me, Apocalypse) have plans to expand the variety.

  Do you have a website ?

Not. We’ve an old forum, but it’s toooooooooooo old. Please, don’t put it in google and do not register.

  Do you have Teamspeak or Discord or other vocal server ?

Yes, we’ve a Discord ! Everybody are welcome:

Thank you, Nzns|*Apocalypse for this information, we wish you good wind, see you soon !

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