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The Clan World Tour is meeting this time the french Stupz and Hugo leader of the team Loul Pro Jumping Clan « Loul »they welcomed us in their headquarter for an interview about them.

  Hello Loul ! Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?

Hello, Our name are Stupz & Hugo, old loul members, we have relaunched the clan recently.

  When and how were the Loul born and where did this wacky name come from ?

Loul was born around 2010/2011 if we remember correctly, for we’re not too sure why we’ve got a funny clan tag, let’s hope sk8ordie comes back someday then you will be able to ask him 😀

  Do  you have  server ?

Yes, we have 2 servers, 1 pro jumping server and 1 frag server:

Jump server:
Frag server:

  Can you briefly present your team ?

At first the team was made for fun by sk8ordie and was very active back then, great jumpers and legend joined the team throughout the years. Now we’re just a bunch ( I think around 15+ ) of jumpers just having fun and still rocking dat shit !

  • This team being old,  the team was reborn by Stupz & Hugo, some of our most active members are : 

Loul|Stupz Loul|Hugo Loul|Ne0dymLoul|EstebLoul|ZipLoul|JigLoul|DarkenLoul|MisiUxLoul|FKN

  • Our inactive jumpers members are:

Loul|MasterBait Loul|TavenLoul|Sk8ordieLoul|SamchunLoul|X-RaYLoul|MarkinhoLoul|YannickLoul|BlubbyLoul|Joober_NoelLoul|AhtsLoul|Bud0KaiLoul|MikeuLoul|PrimeLoul|MimmiiLoul|LockDownSP Loul|VarCharLoul|SpidercochonLoul|CRY Loul|kEs Loul|Yannick  – Loul|PsyDuckLoul|aKmLoul|xm4j1ck3xLoul|AzedixLoul|ExceptionLoul|eaztereggLoul|TryO Loul|DrocaxLoul|LeiiDy

  Do you have plans for the future ? New server ?

We are currently working on a new Loul jump map, mapped exclusively by the Loul members, possibly a third Loul vid, and an icy jump server

  Is your community still active and is it looking for players ?

Yes we are still active and we are looking for new members, feel free to apply on the loul forum :

  Do you play other games ?

We do not play other games as Loul, but some of us are known to play league of legends on different servers, maybe paladins and some more.

  Do you have a website ?

Yes, we have one :

Thank you,  Stupz & Hugo for this information, we wish you good wind, see you soon !

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