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The Clan World Tour is meeting this time the international Lizart and vilain leader of the team Beer Shooting Team « BST »they welcomed us in their headquarter for an interview about them.

  Hello BST ! Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?

Hello everyone, I’m Lizart, senior member of BST Urban Terror Clan.

  When and how were the BST born and where did this wacky name come from ?

The history begins back in 2007, when the BST founders: Vilain, Bufu used to spend hours playing on wurst server and decided to found a clan. The clan appeared as the BST in July 2008, and it’s name stands for Beer Shooting Team, came from a fact that most of our members, including it’s founders, enjoy this golden liquid :smiley: In 2009BST came out with forum and servers with big help of our friend PtitBigorneau.

  Do  you have  server ?

Yes we do. We’ve always tried providing to the community various gameplay servers. Nowadays we offer Team Deathmatch, Jump, and Bomb servers.

  Can you briefly present your team ?

We are not a typical competitive clan. We are bunch of friends sharing similar values. Some of us has known or meet one other in real life. In game we spread and enforce widely understood fairplay, so we do not tollerate on our servers such behaviours like spawnkilling, teamkilling, and basically being rude. We’ve been eager to participate in community’s life, taking part either in Urban Zone, or occasionall events, also organizing our own.

    • A list of Active BST  Members : BST| ALFA – BST| BOMB_SPAS_man – BST| BuddyMD – BST| Cassidy – BST| Catwoman – BST| CeyCey – BST| cleptus – BST| Dante – BST| Elo – BST| flou – BST| Gorgoroth – BST| Hanniball – BST| iPoschy – BST| JohnnyCrash – BST| Kalimah – BST| lagger – BST| Lizart – BST| Mac – BST| Mayhem – BST| MissFoxy – BST| moronizzz – BST| N10n105 – BST| ozelot – BST| PROzare – BST| PsyKoQuake – BST| pym0 – BST| qif – BST| Reea – BST| Shaman.8itch – BST| Typo – BST| vilain
    • A list of Active BST*jr Members : 
      BST*jr| Calimero – BST*jr| Kipash
    • A list of Active BST*tr  Members :
      BST*tr| gnomKOLIN

  Do you have plans for the future ? New server ?

More servers, more players, more maps, more events. more golden liquid. More everything :smiley: We try to contribute to the community as much as the time allows us to.

  Is your community still active and is it looking for players ?

The BST has been active since all over those years till now constantly. We’re not looking for the players the way most clans do. We accept the join requests or invite by our own players we know, that in our opinion fit the team.

  Do you have a website ?

Yes, we have one :

Thank you,  Lizart for this information, we wish you good wind, see you soon !

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