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The Clan World Tour is finally here ! And we begin we a brand new multi-gaming team, a french team! Shaqiri, Tivise and Mathieu, leaders of the team Empire Of Chaos « [EoC] », have welcomed us in their headquarter for an interview about them…

  Hello EoC ! Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?

Empire Of Chaos is a multi-gaming clan made by [EoC]Shaqiri, [EoC]Tivise and [EoC]Mathieu. Before that, we did together many clan like kDo but it was « for fun ». After 1 year of break, we decided to come back on Urban Terror and to made a serious clan because we never forgot this game. Actually, we are focused on the Zombie in Urban Terror, and our server reached the 4th place in 4 days. We can consider that our servers are stable because [EoC]Tivise (alias Isophyr) work for « Dragonica France« , an official french Dragonica server and his boss help [EoC] financially. We are not special, but with time, we think to play in others games like League Of Legends. One step to invite people to play at Urban Terror, and second step to play together on many games. »

  When and how were the EoC born and where did this wacky name come from ?

EoC was born the last month when we sound that we can have the Zombie MOD. The name « Empire Of Chaos » came when we make 1 hour to find a potable name.

  Do  you have  server ?

  • Zombie Server :
  • Sr8 Server :
  • Freeze Server: (This Freeze server is the only one which are available at the TS/CTF/TDM server list. This server is like the others Freeze Tag servers but we decided to propose it at his original 4.1 place: the Team Survivor to attract people).

  Can you briefly present your team ?

Our team is not 100% competent, but we try to do our best to be active and to sound the suggestion of the server players.

[EoC] Mathieu Leader · [EoC] Tivise Leader · [EoC] Shaqiri Leader · [EoC] Destroy Senior Admin · [EoC] Premium Senior Admin · [EoC] pedrxd Senior Admin ·  [EoZ] ISCO [EoZ] Full Admin · [EoZ] Nyx [EoZ] Full Admin · [EoZ] Srinbow [EoZ] Full Admin · [EoZ] Chelikman [EoZ] Admin · [EoZ] LongKnifeD [EoZ] Admin · [EoZ] Cloud* [EoZ] Moderator · [EoZ] Lumia` France [EoZ] Moderator · [EoC]Z3n Senior Admin

  Do you have plans for the future ? New server ?

We have a plan to play in others games than Urban Terror. And about Urban Terror, we think to made a DeathRUN server because we search the old popular system, even if we know that the DeathRUN will not be too active.

Do you play other games ?

We have teams on other games,  actually on CS:GO, Urban Terror, LoL, Dofus,.. and possibly others later !

  Do you have a website ?

Sure, it’s this one:
 Thank you, Shaqiri, Tivise and Mathieu for this information, we wish you good wind, see you soon !

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