[CWT] Clan World Tour launched !

Hello everyone!

CWT stands for Clan World Tour, after a while of setting up the project, founder Sachka with a bit of help of Hugo from the jumping clan Loul. We are happy to finally begin our trip in this great community that is the Urban Terror community, meeting clans from all horizon, communities, familiesOur project is simply to meet every teams and offer them the possibility through a form, a short list of questions to make promote themselves.

We are aware that the Urban Terror community has downsized throughout the years, but some of us are still here and want to keep this community alive as long as possible. We are looking for teams that feel the same way as us and would like to participate to our project.

If you want to help us or have any questions, you are very welcome to join us on:

  • Discord : (https://discord.gg/bZ2u4Ud)  
  • Teamspeak (,

« feel free to ask Sachka anything you want about CWT project »

Cordially, Sachka.


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