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The Clan World Tour is meeting this time the international HeavenlyEq and Omega leader of the team Alpha Centauri Foundation « aCen », they welcomed us in their headquarter for an interview about them.

  Hello aCen ! Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?

We are an international multigaming community since 2011. We primarily play Urban Terror but are expanding to other major games.

  When and how were the aCen born and where did this wacky name come from ?

Alpha Centauri Foundation – (aCen) was born officially on august 2011. The name was inspired by our nearest solar system Alpha Centauri. heavenlyEq the Founder of Alpha Centauri and Pyro and Shadow one of its founding members were the foundation of the clan, from there a lot of new players were recruited and have been part of Alpha Centauri since its very beginning.

  Do  you have  server ?

We have one public server for war purposes and we own one sr8 server. We used to host a zombie mod and other public servers that were ranked high for a long time. Those were up in the older versions of Urban Terror.

  Can you briefly present your team ?

Our team is formed of highly capable members that work and study in all kind of different areas like marketing and computer science. We come from different parts of the world such as France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and we even have some members from the US. We are an international and multicultural community that is united by our core values of our clan.

  Do you have plans for the future ? New server ?

We do have plans for the future. We are constantly developing new ideas. At the moment we are planning to open a new server in near future. If you take a look at our server list we hosted a bunch of servers over the years.

  Is your community still active and is it looking for players ?

Yes we are still active. Our headquarters and key members are still up and going. We are also working on forming a new scrim team and are constantly recruiting new members.

  Do you play other games ?

Yes we are still active on : CS-GO, LoL, LoS, Urban Terror,..

  Do you have a website ?

Yes we have one :

Thank you,  HeavenlyEq and Omega for this information, we wish you good wind, see you soon !

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