[HDdev] Frag-Movie Contest #1 – Contest results !


[HDdev] Frag-Movie Contest #1 – Contest results !

After months of waiting, i decided to publish the results of the Frag-Movie Contest. We had 4 contenders for the first edition: Hor1zon, P!St0l.js, Gost0r and Samchun. Despite the abundance of the project by some member of the team, I decided to end this mess and i took the initiative to let the public vote for the winner and reward others with a gain as well. This may be a provocation of HDdev towards people who have registered but have not done anything. The team HDdev decided to give the 4 participants the sum of 40€ as well as to reward the best video by adding the sum of 20€. For this first and last edition, we let the public decide with a system of public vote to elect the best video.

Here are the results of the public vote:

For this first edition the public decides that it is Hor1zon who wins with his super video « PRESENCE – Raw & Unfiltered« , thank you to him for participating and still nice one to him!

Price list per participant:

  1. Hor1zon – 60€ 
  2. P!st0l.js – 40€
  3. Gost0r  – 30€
  4. Samchun – 20€
  • PRESENCE – Raw & Unfiltered by Hor1zon

We will soon be interviewing Hor1zon to learn more about the design of his video and we will also take the opportunity to interview the other participants.

Message from Sachka (Founder of the HDdev community) to contest participants:

Sachka – I want to make my sincere apology for the delay in publishing the results of the competition, I tried to trust some people for the organization of this project but obviously i should not have. I don’t realized it was too late and tried to react as quickly as possible despite the various projects i had on my side.

List of other videos of the competition:

  • URT NATIONSCUP 2017 by P!st0l.js

  • DeX by Gost0r 

  • Quantum by Samchun

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