« International Major League »: a competition signed Playground of the Gods.

Playground of the Gods was created in order to create a new dynamics around the game, with the help of some famous players (Zmb, Rocket, Blade and Arexo).

The organization opened its doors with a 1vs1 tournament and is now back with an new competition, the International Major League (IML). A competition in 5vs5, destined to the all Clans of all nationalities of Urban Terror. This is their first 5vs5 event, since they have only organized 1vs1 tournaments so far. Entries to participate in the competition are still in progress (Registration). The matches will surely stream on the official Urban Zone channel on Twitch and is cast by current shootcaster SevenofNine and Ikslorin.

You can follow all the details of the tournament at: website

According to sources, Playground of the Gods does not stop there. They soon want to develop technically by improving their competition system. If you would like to help them, you can contact them by e-mail: contact@pgods.eu.
For the rest, I can only tell you that HDdev eSport and Playground of the Gods are currently under discussion for more ambitious projects soon … So … Stay connected and follow us for more information !

Sincerely, LaDy.

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  1. Nice to read and super news for the community !

  2. Thanks LaDy.

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