[HDdev] Frag-Movie Contest – Vote opening !

[HDdev] Frag-Movie Contest – Vote opening !

After a long wait, the HDdev jury finally opens the votes to elect the three best participants of the Frag-Movie Contest.

The contest opened by Sachka (the Founder of HDdev eSport), to elect the three best videos of the Frag-Movie Contest. Internet users have until the end of the month to choose among the 4 selected participants, the lucky ones elected.

  • Only 4 elected among the 8 participants !

Only 8 participants had been presented to the HDdev Jury, but only 4 had finished their videos. Among the 4 eliminates we find Tarquin, Stupz, Grinday and Shoushou. A big disappointment of the team following the abundant, the future of this cup is called into question following these abundant.

  • [1] Gost0r – [HDdev] FMC: DeX

  • [2] P!st0l.js – [HDdev] FMC: URT NATIONSCUP 2017 (Fragmovie)

  • [3] Sam chun – Urban Terror – Quantum


  • [4] horiz mvm – [HDdev] FMC: PRESENCE – Raw & Unfiltered

You can vote below:

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Cordially, Sachka.

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  1. Congratulation participants ! :p

  2. Super edit and i have a good time viewing ! gg

  3. Thanks all !

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