Playground of the Gods – Has just been born !

Hello, everybody !

A new competition site named Playground of the Gods has just been released on the game for the community and you know very well that there is very little about this game, but for some time a few projects are born and we can only congratulate it.

Indeed, what better way to make the game more and more attractive ? Well, just let Zmb and Rocket found and organize the first edition of Playground of the Gods 1vs1, of course, there was nothing concrete in this moment of fact but its does nothing. Faced with the success of the Cup, they decided to put more resources and today the project takes a big scale. At the time, a competition named « One Day Cup » by day, but like many others .. not having achieved the expected success, they had been forced to close. Today they are reborn from their ashes with the support of this new site and we hope that its going to last a long time this time.

The site of Playground of the Gods, will offer regular competitions of 1vs1 and soon 5vs5 with the « One Day Cup » and many other things to the programs .. we hope so !

Breuxe, Rival, Sachka and Shanfara allowed to put in place a CashPrize for the first season and the new one, SevenOfNine when he stream the last matches.

This site is currently looking for volunteers to help them organize competitions, they need admins, publishers, streamers and shootcasters.


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  1. I would surely do next for fun xd

  2. I have loose my first match lol

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